But I'm a Writer!

Do something you love and you'll never work a day in your life, and other lies they told us.

11/16/20212 min read

I used to like to write for fun.

No, seriously writing is my hobby. I used to write poems and songs and short stories. I've written plays and countless blogs under cringey pseudonyms (I kind of miss the blogging days actually). Anyways, a few days ago I got this urge to write again. For myself mostly. There is something to be said about turning your passion into a job.

I never wanted to do that. I distinctly remember my 9th grade English teacher (Shout out to Mrs. Molino!) telling my mother I would make an excellent writer. Journalist is what she said actually, but I'm embellishing for story-tellings sake—and also I think journalist is the only profession people think of when they think maybe this person could make money off of their writing skills.

And I remember telling my mother that wasn't going to happen.

That I would never be a writer because I simply loved writing too much. And to turn my only passion into my work would surely kill any desire to write anything ever. I wasn't totally wrong, These days most of my writing is for brands and social media and unhinged memes about astrology, and while I don't write as many (okay, any) poems or songs the passion for my craft has never dwindled.

Sometimes I feel like a liar when I tell people I'm a writer and exclude the "copy" in front of it. But I truly do identify as a writer first and foremost. I think what I'm trying to get at is sometimes your passion feels like a job. And that's alright. Everybody needs a job. And most days I feel really lucky to be able to write. And some days I feel like I will throw myself into oncoming traffic if I have to write one more email. It's a precarious balance, really.

All that is to say, I see you writers who write for duty and not always for love. I hope you find time in your day for the words you actually do want to say.