Time for my favourite part...

Talking about myself! Totally kidding I am not great at this but I'll give it my best shot.

I am a hilarious, introverted, witty, curious, stubborn and creative human who lives for self-expression and finding truth and beauty in weirdness. I am the daughter of immigrants and this makes me a hard worker but also very hard on myself (ugh) but it usually just translates into me being incredibly passionate and invested in whatever I set my mind to. I enjoy writing and creating and I love doing it for people who have big dreams and a good sense of humour. If this sounds like you, then we should work together. :)

A few things I love: reading, fashion, astrology, design, film essays, period dramas, playing guitar, poetry, Nirvana, baby goats and extravagant eyewear.

A few things I dislike: Oreos, arrogance, minimalism, The Beatles (not sorry), people who are rude to waitstaff, long lines.